Global Interpreting Network™ provides support for virtually all your multilingual requirements and customer touch points with:

Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) helps you communicate with your customers – and potential customers – anywhere in the world by eliminating any language barriers.

Global Interpreting Network specializes in delivering high-quality, reliable language interpreting services for conferences, client visits, events, examinations, investigations, litigations or whatever your requirements may be.

Today’s business environment demands instantaneous, clear and comprehensible communication.

Translate your written documents in over 200 languages. Global Interpreting Network provides professional translators who possess extensive knowledge of translation services to meet the unique requirements of each assignment.

Global Interpreting Network is a leader in transcription services. We can translate and convert all dialogue from source audio or video files (anything from a telephone call, legal proceedings, corporate videos, media footage, etc.) into clear, culturally accurate written text.

Our professional website translation services can help you expand your reach so that you can communicate to consumers/clients across the globe.  We provide a full range of web translation services that will capture the attention of your audience, in multiple languages.


Global Interpreting Network is a partner at every level, helping you bridge the language and culture divide

Our interpreter network provides cost-effective services delivered in a timely manner, in the following fields… and more:

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