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Healthcare Providers use phone and video remote interpreting

Interpretation services

Interpretation services have been an asset to Healthcare organizations for a very long time. This industry, among most, have been affected by 2020’s wave of changes with Covid-19. Healthcare providers, psychologists and psychiatrists have had to adjust themselves to these changes due to high demand and preventing rules.

Language Service Providers are key to this current times, that’s why the use of VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) can help improve patient satisfaction and prevent any virus to spread further. Here are are a few advantages to consider:

1. Keeping all parties involved safe

Taking a risk should only be considered when emergencies happen. A simple procedure, such as a follow up visit, is not always a matter of life and death scenario. This visit can be easily done through Video Conference.

2. Availability and benefits of on demand service.

Medical emergencies always happen during business hours. Interpreters can be connected quickly, preventing long waits for patients. Working hours are not a problem when it comes to these services.

3. Location and Language availability

You can get a provider from any part of the world of any desired language.

4. Confidentiality

The interpreter shall protect the confidentiality and privacy of all information obtained during an interpreting assignment.

5. Easy to Use

Interpreting is easy to use too. Callers simply pick up the phone, dial a dedicated number, and follow a simple set of call instructions. Implementing a phone interpreting system requires no additional training for staff. It is as easy to request OPI Services (Over-Phone Interpretation) as it is to access VRI services.

Phone interpreting saves businesses time, money, and wasted effort.

Why Healthcare providers and hospitals use phone interpreting or video remote interpreting

Still not sure why you and your staff should use an interpreter? Here are a few examples:

  • To register patients.
  • During emergencies.
  • For follow up phone calls.
  • To explain billing and collections.
  • To describe symptoms and cures to patients.
  • To provide reminders and schedule appointments.
  • For quick communications with LEP patients who stay in the hospital overnight and need medication.

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