On-Demand Phone Interpretation And Phone Translation Services

On-demand Phone Interpretation is a three-way call between the interpreter and two other parties, each one speaking different languages. Interpretation is more than just translating word by word, for they must capture tone, inflections, voice quality, and then convey these verbal cues to the audience. The caller chooses the language and speaks to the agent in their language.

OPI On Demand is the service available any time of the day, with no prior scheduling. 

on demand service

Interpretation is often confused with translation. Mayor difference is the interpreter translates orally (over the phone or on-site), while a translator interprets the written word. Understanding the distinctions between these closely related linguistic fields is essential when choosing the service you need.

The projects or events that usually require interpreting services are conferences, meetings, medical appointment, legal proceedings and sign language. Interpreting calls are usually timed for billing purposes and the pricing may vary on the selected language, state and even type of contract. Global Interpreting Network provides on-demand service that operates the entire day, every day of the week, covering over 200 languages. We currently provide the lowest negotiated price for Spanish Phone Interpretation of all NASPO language suppliers. 

When choosing a provider, you must consider a few details such as cost-effective pricing and all year round availability. Here are the full details Global Interpreting Network can provide you with: 

  • Certified and qualified interpreters available 24/7
  • Average speed of answer 5 seconds or less
  • Connection to an interpreter in 20 seconds or less
  • Support for more than 200 Languages; 99.% language availability
  • Documentable and traceable interpretation with no additional paperwork needed
  • Complete confidentiality; HIPAA compliance
  • Low negotiated prices

With us (Global Interpreting Network), you pay only for the services you use. There are no setup charges, no monthly minimum charges, and no hidden fees. Contact  our Sales representative, on-demand service now to find out more about our Interpretation and Translation services.


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