How Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Services Helps Overcome Language Barriers

video remote interpreting services

If you are unable to speak the language of one of your colleagues, it may be time to look into video remote interpreting services. These services use secure video conference calls to conduct interpreting sessions. The benefits of video remote interpreting services are numerous, and they can reduce expenses. VRI is particularly useful in dangerous situations where the person requiring interpretation cannot attend. Using VRI services in such situations has become commonplace in police departments, and they have even been used in police stations.

One of the most significant advantages of video remote interpreting is that it is flexible. The best use of video remote interpreting services is when you need simultaneous interpretation for a business meeting or a speech, where the audience can interact with the speaker. On the other hand, remote consecutive interpreting services are best for medical consultations and legal interviews.

To use VRI, you must make certain technical arrangements. The set-up under study includes a high-quality Bluetooth speakerphone and an external webcam. These devices ensure high quality image and sound transmission, allowing you to access embodied resources. Video remote interpreting services are not available everywhere, and your local language service provider will likely not offer them.

VRI has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It is an efficient way to access an interpreter who is located thousands of miles away. Using this service can make communication easier, and you can even choose to hire a language not available in your area. The use of video remote interpreting services has opened up the world of language interpreting for the deaf.

The benefits of video remote interpreting for healthcare facilities are numerous. Whether your patients speak English, American Sign Language, or a combination of languages, VRI can provide high-quality service without incurring additional expenses. In addition to eliminating language barriers, hospitals have seen significant savings on interpreting services. You can even save money by incorporating VRI into your telehealth system.



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