Conference Interpreting

Conference interpretation enables participants in a multinational meeting to communicate with one another in a seamless fashion, making the language barrier almost imperceptible.

We provide you with the right interpreters, technicians and specialized equipment. Our mission is to provide complete, outstanding, and cost-effective conference interpreters and simultaneous interpreting services into most languages and fields of specialization.

Since conferences are generally big in size, the most recommended tool of interpreting is the simultaneous interpreting. In it, the interpreter sits in a booth, listening through headphones to the incoming message in the source language and communicates it over a microphone to whoever is listening in the target language at the same time.

Our interpreter network consist of professionals with masters degrees or Ph.D. and are active members in industry associations such as AIIC – a world-wide association of professional conference interpreters.

At Global Interpreting Network we are committed to making every event and conference a success, and our world-class quality services can attest. Make your conference a great success and assure your guests they’ll be in contact with expert interpreters, with extensive experience and knowledge in simultaneous interpretation.