Certified Translation Services

Certified translation services may be especially necessary for legally binding documents such as contracts, court documents, transcripts, financial documents, and government agencies.  In addition, certified translations are useful for many purposes, such as civil court and legal proceedings. You may need to get a certified translation to apply for a passport, an immigration visa or for legal services.  A certified translator would be better equipped and have the relevant experience to render the translation service

A certified translation document may need to be approved by a Notary Public and guarantees the accuracy of the translated text. The document can be viewed as an official in the eyes of the requesting organization and will contain the name of the translator and the project manager as well as their contact details. The translator can vouch for the authenticity of the translation and the requester can contact the person responsible for ensuring its quality and accuracy. This type of service is more expensive than ordinary translations, but it is worth the extra expense for a higher level of quality. It is recommended that translators have the ISO 17100 and 9001 certifications.

A certified translation must contain every detail of the original document and must match its appearance to a high standard. The translation must also be accurate, which means the translator must be able to replicate any special formatting.

The most important thing to remember is that a certified translation is a way to ensure your translated documents comply legally with the source document. It certifies the accuracy of the translated documents. This might be critical in specific cases such as translation of patent documents.

Translating service are in high demand nowadays and are often required by government entities. Certified translators usually have extensive experience in translating documents. A certificate will guarantee that the translation is accurate. It can save you time and money in the long run.

For certified translation services, contact us today and we would be glad to share details on how we ensure accurate and timely delivery of translation services for our clients.