Medical Translation Service

Global Interpreting is proud to offer quality Medical Certified Interpreting Services. Our Medically Certified Interpreters can assist you during a doctor’s visit, clinical trial, patient consultation, psychological evaluation and emergency situations. Having a healthcare interpreter can reduce the possibility for error and can save the hassle and cost of performing tests repeatedly. Anything healthcare related requires a thorough understanding of medical directions and readings.

Healthcare is an important function in the average person’s life. The quality in which you experience healthcare is dependent on the service provider and the way in which you receive information. For limited language speakers, sometimes this language barrier figures to be a deterrent in seeking healthcare and advice. With a seasoned Certified Medical Interpreter from Global Interpreting you can rest assured that you are getting reliable, professional and culturally sensitive translators. Our interpreters are able to accurately translate the language of medical professionals and patients alike, therefore, unnecessary testing and mistakes are less likely.

Global Interpreting adheres to all codes of ethics and confidentiality as described by HIPAA.

For added protection, we provide comprehensive insurance coverage, and confidentiality compliance that encompasses professional liability, E&O, contingent bodily injury and property damage.


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