On-Site Interpretation

Global Interpreting Network specializes in delivering high-quality, reliable language interpreting services for conferences, client visits, events, examinations, investigations, litigations or whatever your requirements may be. Global interpreting will match you with the most experienced linguist that suits your project needs.

Our professional interpreters will travel to your location and perform live interpretation tailored to fit your specifications. Global Interpreting Network has a network of over 8,500 interpreters in the U.S.A and Canada alone, offering 24/7 service, 365 day a year.

Global Interpreting Network provides language interpreting services and conference interpreting on any industry including advertising, education, finance, government, healthcare, insurance, law, manufacturing, military, public safety, telecommunications, transportation, etc., and will take into account your overall objectives as well as your budget. All of our professional On-site interpreters are certified and have specialized training and expertise in industry specific terminology, and are required to follow strict confidentiality and code of ethics standards.

Our On-Site Interpreting service is best suited for meetings that require human interaction and visual contact which on-site interpreting is custom designed to facilitate. Here are some other situations where an on-site interpreter may be useful: