Our Services


OPI platform is built upon the most advanced telephonic communication software systems available for Interpreting communications today.

Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting provides unique new opportunities to connect with your interpreting clients and community

On-Site Interpreting

Our network specializes in delivering high-quality, reliable language, events, and more. We will match you with the most experienced linguist that suits your project needs.

Conference Interpreting

Our interpreter network consist of professional with masters degrees, a world wide association.

Document Translation

Our quality document translation solutions are sure to deliver not only the highest accuracy but also consistency that is unparalleled.

Video conference interpreting

A full-service interpreting provider

Global Interpreting Network serves as a one-stop professional services provider to customers. We provide multi-lingual communications through all modalities, such as telephonic, on-site, and video remote conferences. From any tablet, telephone, or handheld device. Our app and secure user portal are both easy to access and use for services and account administrative purposes to ensure a support program tailored to meet your needs. Our app is used to access either audio or video interpreters depending on your situation. These services can be accessed from any desktop, laptop, tablet computer, or handheld device by your office-based employees or those at home or in the field. These services can be tailored to support your needs such as Zoom, Teams, and other web-app integrations. Global has refined the process for easy access, tailored to meet your exact needs.

Our interpreters are skilled across all industries and are commonplace for businesses in healthcare, legal operations, finances, and federal and state governments. Global Interpreting Network provides immediate, real-time access when requested. Oftentimes, critical information must be interpreted in real-time, taking into account multi-cultural metaphors, analogies, and idioms specific to each discussion and preferred outcome. At Global Interpreting Network, we are committed to making your calls and videoconferences a success, assisted by expert interpreters with extensive experience and knowledge.