Transcription is the conversion of recorded spoken language into written, typewritten or printed form. Transcriptions are used by law firms, production companies, medical facilities, media entertainment, law enforcement or government agencies and individuals alike. Any form of recorded audio that needs to be converted into text can be considered a transcription project.

Global Interpreting Network is a leading transcription and translation company when translating dialogue from audio recordings into additional languages. Global Interpreting Network follows a clear and concise process to ensure quality. We first assign native linguists to transcribe the text from the original language. A second team of native speakers from the target language is then employed to translate the text once again. This two-phase transcription/translation procedure helps to mitigate errors and produces higher-quality output than simultaneous audio translation/transcription. The two-phase method is extremely essential for legal materials including court and police records, since it ensures a greater level of quality.

Global Interpreting is committed to providing transcription with the highest of accuracy. Our team of interpreting professionals is able to transcribe audio without losing the original intent of the communication.