Website Translation

The Internet has become the global communications medium of choice. It presents vast opportunities for the wise marketer to create new business opportunities and increase sales. To stay competitive in this fast-growing global market, it’s time to take action on your website.

We provide a full range of services to help you with the translation of your website. Do you simply want to offer every page of your Website in multiple languages? Or would you prefer to keep costs down by only translating certain, limited information?

Maybe you want to be highly specialized by creating a database to support multiple languages for your site? We will work with you to answer all of these questions and come up with a solution that best meets your needs based on budget, requirements, target markets and desired objectives.

Our translators hold certifications and accreditations from well known and prestigious organizations including: American Translators Association (A.T.A.), and other trade associations, Berlitz, public colleges, private colleges, trade schools and technical translation facilities.

Website translation services have become more important as the global economy continues to grow. With a large number of internet browsers being non-native English speakers, being able to cater to their needs is becoming more of a necessity to reach a wider audience. Cultural sensitivity, which can be as simple as recognizing the importance of another’s native language, has been shown to greatly increase the rate at which that browser stays on a website.

Our expert web translation services are meant to help you display your content to different cultures. By making language changes, navigation changes, and noting the specificity of your target audience, you can formulate a message that is both accurate and easy to understand. It is not only important to translate your website content wise, but also with the images being used. Different cultures relate to images differently, that is why it can be useful to utilize images that relate to their culture and language subtleties.

Our main objective is to make the website more user friendly for different languages, while still retaining the original meanings and purpose. Oftentimes in translation, certain nuances of diction are “lost in translation,” that is why we take every precaution to ensure a high quality replication of the original text.

Global Interpreting is committed to providing exceptional web translation services at competitive rates. Our network of translation professionals are well qualified and have experience in web translation.